Welcome to Joy Hearing Aid Centre!

     Hello, I am James Shim— a Registered Hearing Instrument Specialist.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree, Masters and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the Seoul National University, South Korea. After moving to Toronto, I earned my degree as a hearing aid specialist at the George Brown college. Since 2003, I have enjoyed my career as a Hearing Aid Specialist. Please come in, and enjoy my worry-free services.

Do you or your loved one raise the TV volume a lot? Often miss words during conversation, thus misunderstand or constantly ask to repeat? A complimentary hearing test and consultation is waiting for you. Hearing aids may improve the quality of your life or your loved one. Please let me know if you have an ID number of WSIB, DVA, ODSP, OW or limited income such as OAS (Old Age Security Pension). You may be fully covered by the government for your hearing aid services.

We wish to serve you better— we have significantly lowered the price for those who hesitate to purchase hearing aids because of the high prices.

Try us at the Joy Hearing Aid Centre.

Centerpoint Mall, Office #230 (2nd Floor)                                                                     (
The elevator to the 2nd Fl is right side of Pickle Barrel)
6464 Yonge St.(Yonge/Steeles)
Toronto, Ontario M2M 3X4

Phone: 416-512-9292
e-mail: goodtogreat@naver.com

Office hours
Mon – Fri  :    10am – 5pm
Saturday :    1:30pm – 4pm (appointment recommended)

Office hours may change without notice, and the hours could be extended by appointment.